Super C Special Pond Cleaner

Super C Special increases hygiene and breaks down organic waste in filters and pond systems.

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Kusuri Super C Special is a proprietary blend of active enzymes and minerals formulated to break down harmful organic matter into inorganic matter, which can then be flushed from filter systems and bottom drains to waste. This allows more beneficial bacteria to populate the filter media helping reduce Ammonia and Nitrite. As a result this keeps your filter system clean and efficient. Kusuri Super C Special complements Kusuri Klay and Kusuri Eco Pure.
Dosage Instructions

Dose 25 grams per 1,000 gallons of pond water. Add dose to a clean watering can and mix with pond water. Distribute around the pond or add directly to the filter system. Use twice weekly for one month and once per week thereafter.


All sizes of Kusuri Super C Special include a handy dose cup. One level dose cup holds 15.5g of Kusuri Super C Special. 


Product Storage

Store Kusuri Super C Special in original container, ensure the container is sealed after each use. Store in a cool frost free environment. Use within 12 months of opening.


With the uncertainty of so many COVID-19 related issues as we enter Lockdown 3,
Kusuri want to confirm that business is as usual until further notice.

With more time being spent at home and in the garden, make sure you have your pond products at hand. If you are at present self isolating or shielding, speak to your local retailer and see if they can organise a delivery or a collection service.

We wish you all well and thank you for your continuous support.

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