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Klear contains beneficial nitrifying bacteria essential for filters, plus denitrifying bacteria to reduce ammonia. Kusuri Klear, as its name implies, will increase water clarity and reduces water discoloration and foam in ponds.


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Kusuri Klear is a highly concentrated liquid containing selected communities of nitrifying and denitrifying beneficial bacteria.
Kusuri Klear eliminates toxic levels of Ammonia, Nitrite, reduces Nitrate, soluble Phosphates, improves water clarity and assists in the reduction of algae if used regularly.
This product is highly recommended when introducing new fish to boost your bio mass, keeping ammonia and nitrite at bay. Koi turn off their immune system at the first signs of ammonia or nitrite spikes, by using Kusuri Klear the added beneficial affects, reduce parasitical outbreaks.
Dosage Instructions

Use 100ml for every 1,000 litres (220 gallons) of pond water. This product cannot be overdosed.

500ml treats 1,100 gallons

1 litre treats 2,200 gallons

5 litre treats 11,000 gallons

How To Use

Shake bottle before use. Pour over filter media or directly into the pond.

For continued use to supplement biological filter activity, use 50ml per 4,546 litres (1,000 gallons) of pond water weekly.

To improve water clarity in conjunction with the reduction of the Nitrates, soluble Phosphates, and algae use 400ml of Kusuri Klear, weekly, for ponds up to 9,092 litres (2,000 gallons), adding a further 25ml per 4,546 litres (1,000 gallons) of pond water.

This products works more efficiently above 15°C