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Filter Starter Boost Pink

Filter Starter Boost Pink is a simple home brew, which after 5-7 days will be ready to re-start and boost nitrogen cycle in your pond.

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Kusuri Filter Starter Boost Pink is a powerful easy to make “home culture”, which grows live nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria from freeze dried granules, into billions of  beneficial bacteria, ready to start convert Ammonia to Nitrite to the less toxic Nitrate.
How To Use

Use 100mls of liquid and approximately 1g of freeze dried bacteria per 1000 gallons of pond water (attached to the side of bottle).
Shake well before use and pour the recommended amount of pink liquid to suit the gallonage of your pond. Add the correct amount of freeze dried bacteria. Top up bucket with pond water, aerate and keep in the dark at approximately 20°C for 5 days. When brewed allow the liquid to equalise to your pond temperature before adding to your filter.