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Defoamer is formulated to remove unsightly foam from the surface of your pond.

250ml treats 2,500 gallons
500ml treats 5,000 gallons
1 Litre treats 10,000 gallons
5 Litre treats 50,000 gallons

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For use only with ornamental fish. This product can be used to disperse accumulation of foam from the surface of the pond.

Shake well before use. Fill a clean watering can with pond water and add correct dosage of KUSURI Defoamer. Tighten cap after use. Sprinkle across the surface area of the pond.


Use 100ml per 4,564 ltr (1,000 gallons) of pond water. Foam should disappear after one hour. Treatments can be repeated hourly if necessary.

Health & Safety

Store in original container out of direct sunlight between 5°C and 30°C. Keep out of reach of children. For animal treatment only. Always wear protective gloves and goggles when handling this product. Use within 12 months of opening the

C bottle.

Safety Data Sheet