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8-Piece Topical Treatment Kit

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A complete easy to use kit,  for the beginner or experienced fish keeper. For treating Ulcers, wounds and Fin Rot

All kit components are replaceable, so you need never run short of any particular item.

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Kusuri 8-Piece Topical Treatment Kit is a complete easy to use kit,  for the beginner and experienced fish keeper. For treating Ulcers, wounds and Fin Rot.

General pond medications may solve parasitic infestations but are seldom effective against physical Ulcers, wounds, Fin Rot. Treating the fish topically will be more effective and potentially life saving!

Treating wounds on fish can be just as stressful for the owner as much as the fish! There can be nothing more upsetting than an ulcer on a Koi. This kit is designed to give you a pretty good chance at repairing the damage! One or two questions you must ask yourself, is this an isolated “one off” wound or ulcer? Do other Koi show signs of ulcers? If so please, be quite sure your water quality is good. Most ulcers that break out , and fail to heal naturally, are normally a result of an underlying water quality issue. Poor water quality will severely delay any healing process especially if Ammonia or Nitrite are high.

The secret to successful treatment is to catch the problem early and do something about it. Only in exceptional circumstances will a Koi have the ability to heal without treatment. The 8-Piece Topical Treatment Kit can be used at any temperature at any time of the year, though it must be pointed out the Koi will heal quicker if the water temperature is above 15°C.

All kit components are replaceable, so you need never run short of any particular item. If there is one thing you should keep at home for your Koi this is it! This kit contains chemicals and should be stored away from children & pets.

Please ensure that you read, understand and follow, all Health and Safety guidelines on the bottle.

Please do not eat, drink or smoke whilst handling chemicals.

How To Use

Kusuri 8 Piece Topical Treatment Kit Instruction Leaflet

Thank you for purchasing your KUSURI 8 Piece Topical Treatment Kit. Please read carefully the instructions below prior to using this kit.

Prepare everything before you start, this includes:
A bowl or container large enough to hold the fish to be treated.
A wet towel and/or, if available, a clean babies changing mat. Use pond water to prepare these items. A pair of tweezers. (For removing any dead scales if necessary).
Fill the spray bottle provided with tap water and pump/prime ready for use.
Have all the kit contents laid out in order of use for quick easy handling.
Ensure you are wearing the provided surgical gloves, or similar, before starting the treatment.

Fill the bowl or container with a measured suitable amount of pond water so that the dorsal fin on the fish to be sedated will be covered. Add 5ml of KUSURI Masuizai Koi Sedate, using the cap for measuring, per 5 litres of pond water. With your fingers spread apart agitate the water for a few seconds to dissipate the Koi Sedate. Place the fish to be treated in the bowl, cover with a net to prevent the fish jumping out. Stay with the fish at ALL times and observe the fish until it rolls on to its side. Remove the net and with your palms under the fish, gently lift out of the solution. If the fish, after a few seconds, is still flapping its tail, place the fish back into the solution for a further 15 seconds. Lift the fish again as before and place on to the prepared wet towel, or if available, a wet, babies changing mat, (ideal for performing this treatment). If outdoors, ensure this procedure is performed in the shade.
Inspect the fish and decide what areas are to be treated. Carefully place the corners of the wet towel or if on a changing mat, a separate prepared wet towel, over the areas not to be treated, so as to keep the fish moist.
Perform the following steps, quickly and calmly, within a 5-10 minute window. Do not allow the fish to stay out of the water any longer than required.

To avoid any cross contamination, only dip either end of a cotton bud applicator in to any of the solutions ONCE.

Cleaning the wound:
Carefully check around the ulcer. With a pair of tweezers, gently pull and remove any dead scales. If after gently pulling the scales they do not release easily, this means they are NOT dead and should be left. Using a cotton bud carefully wipe and dry the wound site. Using a fresh cotton bud apply KUSURI Roccal Wound Cleaner on and around the wound site. Leave for 10-15 seconds. Using a fresh cotton bud dry the wound site.

Sterilising the wound:
Using a fresh cotton bud apply KUSURI Anti-Bac to the wound. Pay careful attention to work the solution around any damaged scales, avoiding disturbance to the good scales. Allow to dry and using a clean cotton bud apply a second application. Before this dries move quickly to the next stage.

Dressing the wound:
While still wet, carefully sprinkle, KUSURI Oraheasive Powder on to the wound site. Gently blow off any excess powder. Using the filled spray bottle (tap water), lightly mist the wound site and apply a second coating of Oraheasive Powder, again gently blowing off any excess powder.
This process will form a clear skin like coating over the wound site.
With gloved hand, spray a finger with the tap water, and gently smooth over the skin forming to leave a neat finish.

Sealing the dressing:
Carefully blow over the area so it semi dries before using a clean cotton bud to apply KUSURI Top Coat Sealer to the formed skin area. Blow gently to evaporate and dry the area.

Returning the fish to the pond:
Once all areas to be treated have been completed, return the fish to the pond by gently supporting from underneath. Hold the fish in to the flow of an air stone until she recovers. If the fish is large enough, place a finger in to her mouth and stroke the roof area to encourage the fish to swallow and gulp. This allows the highly oxygenated water to pass over the gills, speeding up the recovery.

If a fish sedates quickly, it is usual that the fish recovers out of sedation quickly. If the fish takes longer to sedate it will usually take longer to recover out of sedation too.

This treatment can be repeated after 3-4 days if healing is not occurring, still red. Observing the Koi is critical in deciding whether further treatment is required. Within 3-4 days depending on water temperature you should see signs of the wound site turning from red (infected) to pink (new skin tissue generation occurring) to white (healed wound). It is always a difficult decision whether to net and bowl the fish for observation after a few days as this procedure can damage the fish, undoing the healing process that has occurred. If the wound site is under the fish and difficult to observe, leave it for 7 days before re-examining the Koi in a bowl or a polythene bag.

KUSURI 8 Piece Topical Treatment Kit is to be used at the owners discretion. Kusuri Products Limited will not hold themselves responsible for any misuse. Depending on the health and strength of the fish being treated, fish loses during this process can happen. Kusuri Products Limited will not be held responsible if this occurs.
Replacement kit components are available at: www.kusuri.co.uk or your local Kusuri Retailer.

You can also print the instructions here

Items Included

The Kusuri 8-Piece Topical Treatment Kit contains the following items.





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